Combination of a quarter-century experinece with superior technology and excellent workmanship. We produce quality for you.

At our integrated facilities, we continue to produce solutions specific to each customer and make investments all the time to maintain our leading position.

Providing servicing in the automotive by-industry since 1980, Ototrim® manufactures world class by combining its experience over a quarter of century with technology and trained labor

Ototrim® has continued its operations at its plant in Gebze operating in an indoor area of 7500m2 and outdoor area of 20.000m2 since 1999 and manufacturing more than 2000 types of profile parts, with and without paint, more than 250 types of sliding frame, any kind of handrails in any shape, engine hoods and boot lids.

In addition to the current quality certificates TSE, ISO 9001, our company has been entitled to the quality certificate ISO TS 16949 since April 2005, providing faultless and standard products thanks to use of robot, CNC, NC and PLC-controlled machines as well as control and test at every stage of the production.

Support software used in R&D design such as Cad/Cam, Autocad, Catia, etc., our company is able to design and produce parts with the primary industries jointly and undertook a number of joint project in the air, sea and rail transportation systems jointly and awarded in many categories.

Our Vision :To be an inevitable business partner in Turkey and World by producing the most appropriate products and services for the customers in our industrial sector.

Our Mission: Always thinking on customer-orientation basis, to produce quality, high performance and favorable price to meet the customer expectations and make them available to the customers on timely basis.

Our difference:
  • Integrated production
  • Quality certificates TSE, ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001
  • Robot controlled electrostatic powder paint unit
  • Modern CNC and PLC controlled machines and trained personnel
  • Favorable price
  • R&D Department
  • Always participative and customer-oriented approach
  • Close cooperation with the suppliers
  • Process-based management aiming efficient and low cost
  • Use of trained labor force and advanced technology
  • Flexible production and teamwork