Combination of a quarter-century experinece with superior technology and excellent workmanship. We produce quality for you.

Rapidly increasing competition conditions and technologic opportunities today have forced the company to take share from the existing market and make their best endeavor to create new markets. These developments have compelled the companies to get free of workshop mentality to become institution and establish a quality management system internally. The quality policy to guide us for the operations along this path is to:

Think always on customer-orientation basis, produced quality, high performance products at favorable prices to meet the customer expectations and make them available to the customers on timely basis.

Quality Certificates : ISO/TS 16949 (TUV NORD), ISO 9001 (TUV NORD) ISO 14001 (URS) , EN 15085-2 , IRIS

The principles we shall follow to fulfill the requirements of our quality policy are to:

  • Ensure training and participation of our employees;
  • Cooperate with our suppliers on a mutual benefit basis and promote their developments;
  • Consider our quality management system as a tool, not as a goal and act in the direction under the conditions it sets up;
  • Fulfill or responsibility against the society and environment;
  • Implement constant improvement in all fields.


Management of OTO TRİM commits itself to support and follow up implementation and development of the quality policy and quality management system.

For a sustainable environment, Ototrim undertakes to:
  • Comply with the current legal liabilities and other conditions;
  • Establish and improve constantly environmental management system to improve life quality;
  • set up methods for prevention and reduction of the environmental pollution;
  • set up methods for prevention and reduction of the environmental pollution;
  • reduce and recover waste formation;
  • promote environmental awareness of environmental protection and prevention of pollution.